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The company's employees have a lot of experiences gained in civil engineering organizations in the course of the previous years. We are able to ensure all the activities in the delivery times and quality desired by the customer.


The company consists of experienced technicians and production workers. The productive sphere consists of three autonomous centers under leadership of experienced building site managers, foremen and technicians. The company has available complete small and middle technology necessary to construct the buildings. With these human resources, technical and mechanical equipment, we are able to realize practically every construction in the delivery times and quality desired by the customer.
The company employs Czech and exceptionally Slovak citizens with permanent residence in Plze and its nearest neighborhood.

Technical and financial equipment

The company's funds and properties have the value of appr. 45 millions of K.
The commercial turnover during the last years: 156 millions of K

Subcontractors cooperation

On deliveries, we cooperate with selected subcontractors to ensure special subdeliveries for the construction in question. The circle of the subcontractors has become stable after a few of building contracts and therefore, our company is able, already in the course of the tender stage, to submit offers resulting from perfect documentation and knowledge of the contract in question. Upon these reasons, we are able to give long guarantees for complete deliveries for a period of 36 till 60 months.

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