EMPEX Holding s.r.o.

We are a family construction company which was established in Pilsen in 1994. During the time we became a significant partner mainly in the process of arranging “turnkey” industrial buildings. Our team of employees is made up of professionals with long-term experience in the field of construction, engineering and administration. During implementation of constructions, we have priorities: quality of work, personal approach and compliance with all agreed deadlines. Our team is made of three separated construction departments, which are led by experienced site managers, foremen and engineers. The company naturally has facilities of small and medium construction mechanization. With this philosophy and facilities, we are able to realize comprehensive construction supplies from project documentation to the final approval.



We know who to contact. During arranging special subcontracting, we cooperate with long-time and proven partners, who are reliable and we can rely on them during the construction. Thanks to that group of carefully selected companies, we are able to introduce a detailed offer of a solution for the given project, already at the stage of competitive tendering. With complex implementation we naturally provide a long guarantee.


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